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Comienza mi aventura de diseƱadora

History of the store
The beginning of the adventure
In 2009 begins the adventure of launching myself to take advantage of all my talents, Design, painting, crafts, silkscreen, and a lot of creativity, together with the help of people around me who will contribute in one way or another, to give life to This company, from then on, we want to reach all those who know how to appreciate the art of handicraft products, which are not made in series and in large quantities.
I started in 2009 making clothes for children because for these times I had my two small treasures, and I was surrounded by children, the demand demands, in the school of my children I know a textile representative that will offer me small quantities of materials very good quality (flags of samples and more) that will inspire me to make a beautiful line of costume jewelery, then I begin to include little by little women's clothing following the same line, today I still wear clothes for woman, including party dresses, and bridal, I really enjoy designing and I can not avoid creating lots of things, change, vary and innovate, I am very restless.
We emphasize the use of recycled materials, of which we make a good part of our products: using samples of fabrics, yarns, wool, buttons, etc. We make garments that are going to be unique, because they are made from small patches that are not repeated.

In this way, we contribute to the objective that the textile industry currently has of working conscientiously for a sustainable future of the planet.

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