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Fashion designed and manufactured in Altafulla, exclusive garments for their original designs. For almost a decade now I have been trying to bring more and more women designs that make them feel happy with themselves, dresses that enhance their beauty, t-shirts with fun prints inspired by nature and cheerful and colorful accessories that give a personal and different touch.
A year ago I opened my online store (danielabarbieri.com) with which I can now get my creativity anywhere in the world and that's great.
Creativity you will find garments with a lot of creativity, prints made from illustrations painted by me in watercolors, colored pencils or markers are transformed into wonderful works of art that you can wear every day.
Exclusivity All our garments are made in small quantities, and with personal prints.
Made with affection All our garments are handmade, from the design, the prints, the confection, the labels, the packing etc. are made to the detail with a lot of affection.
Fair trade All our products are made by people very close, seamstresses or small workshops in the area, we know that we could produce outside and it would be cheaper, but we never took it into account because it is not our philosophy.
Quality We continually seek the best fabrics, proximity, this way we ensure the quality of the fabrics and continue to respect our philosophy of contributing to a fairer trade for all.
Bohemian, this style was always present in my collections, but especially since a year ago I encouraged me to make wedding dresses, I wanted my dresses to be different from the conventional, I want my girlfriends to be romantic, youthful and beautiful, but in turn is comfortable on that special day.
Retro, I want my clients to feel happy and comfortable with themselves, I find that in the 50s and 60s the dresses draw very well the silhouette of the woman, this I discovered watching series such as girls cable, velvet, and films like dirty dancing, grease etc. that inspired me to create tailored dresses where it is necessary to mark and with voluminous skirts.
Joyful and funny So I want my illustrations to be, you know the book "Alice in Wonderland" this book plus all the imagination that inspires me to walk through the forest, nature, flowers, and even images of nature, are the ones that draw those unique garments that you will only find in handmade products with much affection.

My Story
My name is Daniela, at the end of 2009 my second son was born and it was when I decided to leave my job as an administrator that by the way I didn't like anything, to be able to enjoy my children, and it was when I encouraged me to undertake the project that I always wanted, to develop my vocation as a textile designer as a freelance, I started to make children's clothes and shortly after I began to meet by chance a textile representative who is going to offer me very good quality materials, These are samples used in the textile industry and after fulfilling their function are discarded, it was like a dream for me, someone gave me hundreds of retasos of precious fabrics in perfect condition, these fabrics in addition to using them to make children's clothing, will inspire me to make a beautiful line of textile jewelry that was very successful, and the same customers encouraged me to make clothing for them, so I will influence to include women's clothing, then party dresses and even bride,
And the newest and most exciting, my latest project I call "You choose."
It's about transferring my hand painted illustrations with watercolors or other techniques to all kinds of clothing, accessories and even decorative objects, where the customer can choose which illustration he likes and in which model or object he wants it, it's fascinating truth.

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